Welcome to Meitheal Mara - Community Boatyard Cork

Meitheal Mara (meh-hal ma-ra) translates roughly as ''Workers of the Sea''. Meitheal can be translated as "community" and Mara literally means "of the sea" in Irish.
Founded in 1993, Meitheal Mara is a community boatyard in the heart of Cork City, a registered charity and nationally-accredited training centre.

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COMMUNITY work & training

In Meitheal Mara we promote and foster maritime culture and traditional skills, using boatbuilding, woodcraft and seamanship as the means to help both groups and individuals to learn, progress and develop. We provide work and training for young people and adults through to retirement, and sometimes beyond. Our approach is inclusive and based on mutual respect. Read more...



BOAT BUILDING & woodcraft

Meitheal Mara’s workshop is at the heart of what we do.
Our workers specialise in building traditional Irish currachs, particularly the magnificent Kerry-style naomhóg and a variation on the 2-person hazel rod currach used on the north coast of Donegal. We are widely recognised for our success in the use of currach building to develop team work and personal effectiveness skills. Read more...



SEAMANSHIP, rowing & sailing

The ethos of Meitheal Mara is to get people on the water, especially those who would not otherwise have the chance to do so. Young people on our Bádoireacht programme learn how to row, sail or paddle, and to become comfortable with handling boats. They might even build their own currach, or compete in an international seamanship contest in our flagship, the 38-foot Bantry longboat Fionnbarra. Read more... 



MARITIME culture & activities

Meitheal Mara is also actively involved in celebrating Ireland’s rich maritime heritage and in promoting and fostering maritime culture and activities locally and overseas.
The high point of Meitheal Mara's calendar, Ocean to City – Án Ras Mór is Ireland’s largest and most inclusive rowing race, and the anchor for the week-long Cork Harbour Festival each June. Read more...